This last weekend our nation celebrated Father’s Day.  A lot of us took the time to shop for the perfect card, not too mushy but not too juvenile.  Some of you may have taken the extra time to go to the mall or the sporting goods store and pick out a gift for dad; maybe a new fishing pole, the latest action flick, or a nice golf shirt.  Some honored our father by taking him to church and worshipping together.  Many of you spent time at the BBQ making dad his favorite ribs or burger.  All in all, it was a great day for millions of fathers all across the nation and I’m sure many of them went to bed that night feeling loved and blessed by their family.

However, I had another thought ….. Did we take the time to honor our other Father?  Our Spiritual Father who created us and gave us life and who breathed His very breathe into us as we were ushered into this world through our physical birth.

He’s the Father who is always there for us when we fall down, whether we skin our knee in a childhood game of tag or cry ourselves to sleep over the loss of our health, our job or the loss of a precious loved one.  This Father is the one who ultimately fights all our battles for us and gives us victory over our enemies be it the bully next door, a creditor making unreasonable charges, or the ultimate evil, Satan, whose only motive is to destroy our marriage, our children, our livelihood and our security.  Our Spiritual Father also provides for our every need.  He brings a $20 bill in the mail on the same day our rent is due and we’re $20 short.  He provides the perfect home for us when He calls us to move across the country to a brand new life.  He provides food for us whether it comes from the grocery store, the food bank, or a friendly stranger down the block.  Remember the old childhood saying, “My dad is bigger than your dad.”  Well in this case it’s true.  Our Father in Heaven is the biggest and the best!

In Exodus, chapter 20, the fifth commandment tells us, “Honor your father and your mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”  We are instructed to honor our parents, but also to honor our Father in Heaven.

Since God doesn’t need a new shirt or tie, and He doesn’t have a DVD player, just how do we honor God?  I believe the greatest way we can honor Him is by spending time with Him.  We are His children here on earth; “For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world ….. In love He predestined us to be adopted as His sons (and daughters) …..” Ephesians 1:4, 5.  As a parent or as an aunt or uncle, we love to spend time with our children and our nieces and nephews.  Well, God feels the same way!  He wants you to sit with Him and read His word or pray, or just sit quietly and listen.  Your Father wants to speak to you, He wants to walk with you, and He wants to be your Healer and Comforter, your Fighter for Justice, and your ultimate Provider.

Today and every day keep your Father in Heaven close to you and honor Him by speaking just four little words to Him – Happy Father’s Day Lord!



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